Telling Time in Thai

If you haven’t seen the video yet, I’m learning Thai using the Pimsleur Approach. Right now the topic is “time,” and I’m finding it very hard to understand without visual aids. …so I’ve put down the Pimsleur to do some research. Here are the most confusing parts I’ve found. Instead […] Read more »

Quick and Easy Way to Learn to Write Korean (Hangul)

As most of you know, I love creating language learning materials! These days, I’m in love with slideshows. I think they’re really fun to play with, and I think they’re great learning tools. This slideshow teaches you how to write the Korean alphabet, called Hangul. I think it works well. […] Read more »

Korean Alphabet Chart

This is our latest 100% FREE language learning tool. It's a Korean alphabet chart with FULL AUDIO--recorded in a profesional sound studio by a native Korean speaker. If you're planning on mastering this cool language, you need to start right here. Have fun! Read more »

Thai Alphabet With Audio

Learning the Thai alphabet isn't easy, but you can master it (for free) right here! This page provides great pictures of all Thai vowels and consonants, and it has audio recordings done by a native Thai Speaker and university language professor. Enjoy! Read more »

Rocket Languages: Limited Version Now Free Forever

Rocket Languages offers one of the best language learning courses on the web. In the past, they have offered a limited subscription to their online course. It was valid for 6 days. They have changed their policy. The limited subscription now lasts forever. This makes Rocket the perfect program to […] Read more »

Flash Cards: Man’s Other Best Friend

I’m a teacher. I teach English as a second language in a Thai university. Today, due to a string of quite poor vocabulary test scores, I told my students to make (and use) flash cards. They looked back at me with dopey, confused eyes. One asked me where she could […] Read more »