Flipped Classroom Training

Welcome to your flipped classroom training course. At the end of this course you will be able to do the following: explain the differences between traditional classroom settings and flipped classroom settings describe the benefits of providing instruction in a flipped classroom setting demonstrate your ability to design a complete […] Read more »


While taking this course I have spent much time intentionally thinking about how the information I was learning could be used to understand my own learning, my students learning, and, ultimately, how it could be used to improve my teaching and instructional design endeavors. Before using the knowledge for its […] Read more »

Learning Theory Reflection

Getting an overview of the different theories has been interesting for me. I’ve been a textbook author and teacher for over a decade , but I never got the formal teacher training that, for example, a certified k-12 teacher needs to get to qualify to work in a school system. […] Read more »


I’m one of those who sees connectivism as less of a new learning theory and more of a description of an emerging way to access information. It has implications in how I teach and what kinds of assignments I give, but it doesn’t address the core learning processes that other […] Read more »