Rocket Arabic Review

Rocket Arabic Review: Quick Summary

Learning Effectiveness
Using tried and tested educational theories, Rocket Arabic is a very effective way to master the Arabic language.

Value for Money
At just $99 for a lifetime membership, Rocket Arabic is certainly worth the money.

Ease of Use
Simple, clear, easy-to-follow course (and a great modern design) make Rocket Arabic both easy and fun to learn with.

Bottom Line
Great for beginners who want a very friendly, easy to use product. Not for those at intermediate or advanced levels.

Reviewer Information

Review written by Ryan Wiley. Mr. Wiley has been learning languages and living overseas for over a decade. He makes a living as a university language professor and language learning textbook author. He has published 14 books to date–Full Profile.

Rocket Languages

Rocket Arabic Review LaptopRocket exploded into the language learning market in 2004 and has been dominating ever since, as shown by their most recent accomplishment, PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award. It’s not just the experts who love the product, though. Mostly through word of mouth, Rocket Languages has gained 800,000 new customers in just 8 years!

What makes Rocket’s products so great? Timing, timing, timing.
Coming into the game late gave Rocket two big advantages.

  • It allowed them to build their entire learning platform using the latest and greatest technology. The Rocket Arabic course, for example, was designed–from day 1–to be a computer-based learning program. Meanwhile, other language learning companies were struggling to adapt their outdated learning materials and methods to today’s computer-based learning environments.
  • Rocket Arabic DiscountRocket got to sit down and study years of education research AND all of the other products on the market, which allowed them pick and choose which methods and formats worked best. For example, the Pimsleur language learning programs are famous for their great use of graduated interval recall, an exceptional learning method.

    The developers at Rocket saw how good this worked and built their interactive dialogues around the same principle. At the same time, they took note of all the criticism that Pimsleur gets, namely that an audio-only program lacks the reading, writing and game-playing activities that learners need and want. After analyzing all programs on the market, Rocket took the best of each and made one hybrid program designed specifically for today’s tech savvy learners.

The bottom line is that Rocket Languages makes programs that are fun, effective, and, because they are 100% digital, very reasonably priced.

Rocket Arabic Video Walkthrough

Rocket Arabic Review

What do you get with Rocket Arabic?

  • 11 Hours of Interactive Dialogues (learn quickly and remember it forever using the Graduated Interval Recall learning method)
  • The Amazingly Fun Rocket Record (Perfect your pronunciation by recording your voice and comparing it to a native Arabic Speaker)
  • 29 Arabic Language and Culture Lessons (Ensure that you speak naturally and correctly by infusing local culture lessons into your language learning)
  • Arabic “Language Master Games” (There is no better way to learn than to do something you enjoy–and these games are fun)!
  • Rocket Certification (Impress your friends and build your confidence by getting your Rocket Arabic Certification…already included in price)
  • Rocket Rehearsal Quizzes (test your Arabic knowledge before moving on to the next lesson–a must-have feature for any language learning program)
  • My Community (you get a live native Arabic speaker on call to answer your questions–plus interact with other Rocket Arabic learners)
  • Lifetime Membership for just $99.95 (no monthly fees, unlike other companies who charge almost the same PER MONTH!)
  • 60-Day, no questions asked 100% money-back guarantee (I checked this out and it’s really true)

Who should buy Rocket Arabic?

Rocket Arabic Review CheckThe Rocket Arabic course is designed for one thing–teaching practical communication. So, if your goal is to be able to communicate verbally in Arabic, Rocket is right for you. Also, most learning takes place in the the interactive dialogues, so if you are a strong audio learner, you’ll really love this course. Finally, this course is designed for absolute beginners, so if you’re just getting started on your Arabic learning adventure, Rocket Arabic was designed for you.

Who should NOT buy Rocket Arabic?

Red X rocket Arabic ReviewIf you’re a scholar looking to dive deep into the intricacies of Arabic grammar and phonology, this is not the program for you. Sure there are grammar and language structure lessons, but they are there to enhance proper, practical communication, not to add to the growing body of Arabic language linguistic analysis. Also, as I mentioned above, this course was designed for total beginners. If you speak Arabic at an intermediate level or higher, this program is not for you.

My Recommendations
If you’re just beginning to learn Arabic, your goal is to learn practical communication, and you like audio-based courses, you should buy Rocket Arabic. It is fairly priced, well-rounded, effective, and quite fun to use.

If, on the other had, you already speak some Arabic, prefer more activity-based learning (as opposed to audio-based), or prefer to learn in a more academic manner (lots of formal, written grammar lessons), take a look at TELL ME MORE Arabic.

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