Rocket Hindi Review

Rocket Hindi Review

Rocket Hindi: Pros and Cons


  • Great value–$99 for a lifetime Membership
  • Very fun, light-hearted, easy-to-use Hindi Course
  • State-of-the-art audio course very effective
  • Free access to a native Hindi speaking tutor
  • All audio and written coursework downloadable


  • Not for intermediate or advanced Hindi learners
  • Could do with more vocabulary learning games
  • Relies heavily on Audio-based learning (may or may not be good for you)

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Reviewer Profile

This Rocket Hindi review was written by Ryan Wiley. Having published 14 language learning textbooks, Mr. Wiley is a true language learning professional. He earns a living as a university language instructor and has taught in Korea, China, and Thailand. You can learn more about him here.

rocket hindi online courseRocket Hindi is a product of the wildly popular Rocket Languages. This company burst into the language learning market when two guys, Mark Ling and Jason Oxenham, set out to design their own Spanish language learning course, a different kind of course.

Language learning, they thought, didn’t need to be dry, tedious and boring. It didn’t need to be a dreaded but necessary activity. It could, in fact, they thought, be something playful and fun, and they went about designing their course to be just that.

Of course, the program had to be effective too, as the ultimate goal was learning, not leisure. How did they do? Did they design a course that was both effective AND a joy to work with. The numbers, I think, speak for themselves. Since 2004, when the company officially opened, over 800,000 people have signed up for Rocket’s lifetime memberships. On average, that’s 7400 new customers a month!

…and that’s for a language learning course that’s not even sold in stores! It’s sold exclusively online and has grown so rapidly, primarily, through word of mouth. Of course, these weren’t all people looking to learn Spanish. As of this writing, Rocket Languages produces language learning courses for Arabic, Italian, French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, American sign language, and, of course, Hindi.

Rocket Hindi Review: Video Demonstration

Product Availability

Have you ever seen those Rocket Hindi advertisements that say, Save 67% on Rocket Hindi!” …or “Amazing secret to huge savings on Rocket Hindi,” or something like that? Well, it’s no secret. The Rocket Hindi program is available in 2 forms–a boxed set of CDs or as an online version.

  • The boxed CD set costs $299.95.
  • The online version costs $99.95.

What’s the difference? Do you get something special in the boxed set? Nope, nothing at all! What you get is a bunch of really expensive packing and shipping costs. That’s no fault of Rocket languages. If you want a pretty boxed set, they have to design it, manufacture it, package it, and then ship it out to your house, all of which is very expensive.

If you go with the online version, there are no additional costs to Rocket Languages, which allows them to give you the same great product for a third of the price! That’s why people love this product! You get a fully stocked, premium language learning program (with a lifetime membership) for a very low price–if you choose the digital version, which is exactly the same as the Boxed set.

The Rocket Hindi Course: What’s Inside?

  • Lifetime Membership: You get access to all course materials and updates, the private Rocket Hindi Forum, and a private native Hindi speakerforever!.
  • 29 Interactive Audio Lessons: Learn quickly and easily with Rocket’s step-by-step, wildly popular audio course.
  • 29 Language & Culture Lessons: Speak like the locals, not some silly tourist–with over 1000 audio clips!
  • Rocket Record: Get perfect Hindi pronunciation by recording your voice and comparing it to a native Hindi Speaker.
  • Private Rocket Hindi Forum: Don’t be alone! Interact with over 20,000 Rocket Hindi learners AND get personal tutoring from a native Hindi speaker–for FREE.
  • Rocket Hindi Certificate: Boost your confidence and impress you friends and colleagues with a genuine Rocket Hindi certification.
  • Hindi Language Master Games: Enjoy learning by using fun games to memorize Hindi words and phrases.

Who should buy Rocket Hindi?

Rocket Hindi Review Graphic CheckRocket Hindi was designed to teach practical communication skills. If that’s what’s you’re looking for, this is a great course for you. It’s light-hearted, but effective learning that has you speaking from day 1. Also, this course is for absolute beginners. If you have no Hindi language experience, this course was designed just for you. The Rocket Hindi course is also great for those of you who love online social interaction. If you’re into Internet forums and crave interaction with others–all from the comfort and safety of your own home–you’ll love this course. Rocket Hindi offers instruction in all 4 core language learning acquisition skills–reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Who should NOT buy Rocket Hindi?

X graphic rocket Hindi ReviewAs I mentioned earlier, Rocket Hindi is a very fun, consumer-friendly course that is designed to teach practical communication skills. Some people, though, don’t want that. Instead, they are looking to get deep into more academic topics like grammar, sentence structure, and phonology. If this is you, you’d be better off buying more academic types of materials. like big, thick grammar books. Don’t get me wrong, there  are grammar lessons in this course, but they are designed to help you communicate, not to turn you into a Hindi grammar master! I also mentioned above that this program was designed for total beginners. If you’re an intermediate or advanced-level Hindi speaker, this course will be too easy for you.

What should you do?

If you’re looking for a fun, easy-to-follow course that focuses on practical communication, buy Rocket Hindi now. I think you’ll enjoy it. I also think that for $99 for a lifetime membership, one that includes tutoring from a native Hindi speaker, it’s great value for your money. If you’re not sure, you can check out their free trial. If you’re more of an academic, looking to study the fine details and historical evolution of the Hindi language, stick with language learning textbooks–or use both.

Thanks for visiting us, and be sure to leave some comments below if you’ve tried this course yourself, or if you have any questions about it.

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